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The song and popular dance has permeated all social media, making it one of the most viral dance crazes in recent years. But did you know the dance was originally created by a year-old black girl from Fayetteville, Georgia?

Yet, who has gained immense popularity for bringing the Renegade dance to TikTok?

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However, like Harmon, Newman was not given the credit she deserves, and her phrase was appropriated by non-black people and even large corporations all over the internet. And yet, this recognition comes nearly five years after her Vine went viral. In the current digital landscape, virality is everything.

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Virality is what can catapult a regular person to opportunities, money and internet fame. Thanks in part to the outrage of black Twitter over the weekend, there has been outpouring support for Harmon to get credit for her Renegade dance. Black Twitter birthed the Popeyes vs. On an even larger scale, Tarana Burke, the creator of the MeToo movement, was continuously pushed to the sidelines of conversations around a movement she started in Many people still think the face of the MeToo movement was white actress, Alyssa Milano.

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In the digital age, co-opting blackness comes down to stealing viral content, and in turn stealing opportunities, recognition and a voice from black people. She is an English major with minors in communications and sociology.

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of her work here. Written by Kaila Mundell-Hill. Companies miss the mark. You may also like. View all posts.

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