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MAWA are hosting a brand-new competition this year!

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For too many years, regional schools have been unable to compete in a Have Sum Fun face-to-face competition. We want to change that, but recognise coordinating a localised competition for schools over such vast distances is impractical and will take time. Register your interest!

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If there are clusters schools you coordinate with, schools can have a multi-school venue, much like the larger metropolitan competitions, otherwise, each school can host teams in the comfort of their own classrooms. What do we need?

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This way, all schools and areas in WA can be part of something groundbreaking. MAWA will send all question papers and competition materials.

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How will it work? MAWA will run the timings of the rounds, share the answers for year competition and each round on the stream.

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Initially, setting dates for HSF LIVE will mean the regional events are stand-alone competitions from the Metropolitan edition, but over the coming years, hopefully even bythe coordination of all participating schools will enable us to run them within a close enough window to combine the competitions. In the long term, a regular establishment of cluster schools will enable us to run a full face-to-face edition of HSF, but with the opportunity for live stream to all venues, we hope HSF LIVE to be the future for all competitions, so students can be part of a truly state-wide event.

Book Club Maths Meet.

Kaskade, BROHUG \u0026 Mr. Tape - Fun (feat. Madge) [Official Music Video]

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Want to have sum fun

email: [email protected] - phone:(880) 897-3029 x 9791

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