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The murder of Sarah Everard hit the nation hard and shook women to the core. It's led to an outpouring of grief Social media exploded with the hashtag "She was just walking home" as women shared stories of the fear we all feel when simply trying to go about our everyday lives. So- can this really be the watershed moment so many have called for? Can change come at last - and can we be safe? There is someone who sadly knows this latest tragic scenario all too well.

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A 21 year old student, Libby was on a night out in Hull with her university friends when she disappeared, after getting into a taxi on her own. Her body was found seven weeks after she went missing, in the river Humber and there was evidence she had been raped.

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Back in Nottinghamshire police tried to help female victims of crime by making misogyny- showing hatred or prejudice to a woman- a hate crime, a unique move at the time. We spoke to their former Chief Constable, Sue Fish, on Tonight to find out why she was taking a lead on it. When asked if she would report a case of misogyny herself, what she went on to tell me was truly shocking.

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Sue told us the man involved in the second incident was from another force and when she reported it, it was made clear to him his behaviour was inappropriate. The government is currently reviewing its strategy to end men's violence against women and girls. Chantal Hughes is from the Hampton Trust, who support victims and work with perpetrators.

Women also ranked being attacked in the street as their 2nd greatest fear after cancer. For help and support you can contact:.

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Tonight for woman 30

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