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Print, Share, or View Spanish version of this article. Youths are exposed to sexual messages every day—on the TV, on the internet, in movies, in magazines, and in music. Sex in the media is so common that you might think teens today already know all they need to about sex.

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Unfortunately, only a small amount of what is seen in the media shows healthy sexual behavior or gives correct information. Your teen needs a reliable, honest source to turn to for answers, and the best source is you. You may feel uneasy when talking with your teen about sex, but your guidance is important.

Beyond the basic facts about sex, your teen needs to learn from you about your family values and beliefs. Here is information from the American Academy of Pediatrics to help you talk with your teen about this important and sensitive subject. You are the best person to teach your teen about sex, relationships, love, commitment, and respect, both through discussion and by your own example.

Parents often fear that if they talk about sex, their teen may want to try it. Teens are curious about sex, whether you talk with them about it or not. Studies show that teens whose parents talk openly about sex are actually more responsible in their sexual behavior. Your guidance is important. It will help your teen make better-informed decisions about sex. Studies show that children who learn about sex from friends or through a program at school, instead of their parents, are more likely to have sex before marriage. Communication between parents and teens is very important.

Before children reach their early teen years, they should know about. Puberty and how the body changes When and how the body changes is different for each. Your family values about dating, sexual activity, cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs. During the teen years, your talks about sex should focus more on the social and emotional aspects of sex and on your values.

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Be ready to answer questions like. If you feel strongly that sex before marriage is wrong, share this feeling with your teen and explain why you feel that way. If you explain the reasons for your beliefs, your teen is more likely to understand and adopt your values. Peer pressure. Teens face a lot of peer pressure to have sex. Sex and STIs. Teens need to know that having sex exposes them to the risk of getting STIs. The only sure way to prevent STIs is not to have sex. HPV is the main cause of anal, cervical, and penile cancer. Reducing the risk of getting STIs. Condoms male or female are the safest method to reduce the risk of getting most STIs and should always be used.

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Also, postponing sex until the later teen years or adulthood reduces the risk. If both partners are abstinent before marriage or are in a long-term, mature relationship; have never had an STI; and have sex only with each other, the risk is eliminated. Monogamy can mean having only one sexual partner at a time or only one sexual partner in a lifetime. Being in a sexual relationship with one person for a long time lowers the rate of infection, compared to being sexually active with more than one person or someone who changes partners after some time. Birth control.

Teens need to know about birth control whether they decide to have sex or not. Teens are able to access birth control from a health care professional without parental permission in many states. Condoms and another reliable birth control method need to be used each time to help reduce the risk of getting STIs and becoming pregnant.

Date rape. Date or acquaintance rape is a serious problem for teens. It happens when a person your teen knows—for example, a date, friend, or neighbor—forces your teen to have sex. This is a difficult topic for many parents, but your teen probably has many questions about heterosexuality, homosexuality, and bisexuality. Sexual identity may not be firmly set until adulthood. If your teen is gay, lesbian, or bisexual, your love and acceptance is important.

Masturbation is a topic few people feel comfortable with talking about. Discuss this in terms of your values. Sex is a very personal and private matter. Many parents find it difficult to talk with their children about sex.

But sex is an important topic to talk about. Here are tips that may help make talking with your teen easier. Be prepared. Read about the subject so that your own questions are answered before talking with your teen.

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Practice what you plan to say with your spouse or partner, a friend, or another parent. This step may make it easier to talk with your teen when the time comes. Speak calmly and clearly. Be honest. And even though you would prefer that your values be accepted, decisions about sex are ultimately up to your teen.

If your teen disagrees with you or gets angry, take heart, you have been heard. Give your teen a chance to talk and ask questions. Try to strike a balance. While teens need privacy, they also need information and guidance from parents. If your teen is quiet when you try to talk about sex, say what you have to say anyway. Your message may get through. Ask for help. Any websites, brand names, products, or manufacturers are mentioned for informational and identification purposes only and do not imply an endorsement by the American Academy of Pediatrics AAP.

The AAP is not responsible for the content of external resources. Information was current at the time of publication. The information contained in this publication should not be used as a substitute for the medical care and advice of your pediatrician. There may be variations in treatment that your pediatrician may recommend based on individual facts and circumstances.

In this section Teen Articles. ICD10 Z Why should I talk with my teen about sex? What should I tell my teen about sex? Before children reach their early teen years, they should know about Correct body names and functions of male and female sex organs Puberty and how the body changes When and how the body changes is different for each. Menstruation periods Sexual intercourse and the risk of getting pregnant or getting an STI or virus, including HIV the virus that causes AIDS Your family values about dating, sexual activity, cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs During the teen years, your talks about sex should focus more on the social and emotional aspects of sex and on your values.

Be ready to answer questions like When can I start dating? When is it OK to kiss a boy or girl? Is oral sex really sex? How do I say no? What do I do if someone tries to force me to have sex? Other topics include Peer pressure. How do I talk with my teen about sex? Is Your Child Sick? TM Illnesses and Symptoms Medicine Dosages Medical Conditions What's Going Around? Visual Symptom Checker.

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There is a regional issue with the Voice of IP company and calls are only going through intermittently. They are working diligently to fix the problem We will post when it is working again. Our website at Teen sex Wilmington. If you have a medical emergency please Dial or go to the ER or Emergency room. The type of pandemic we are currently experiencing has compromised many of the routine measures we advocate to keep children healthy, most particularly vaccination.

The last thing that our community needs is an outbreak of a vaccine preventable disease! We are extremely confident that the measures we have taken will protect all visitors to our offices, whether the visit is for a Well or Sick appointment. It appears our phones are working again. There may be a delay on the connection. If you get a busy al or no connection please try again. Enter our car magnet "Families that Play Together Stay Together" campaign for a chance to win a membership or experience at one of several regional attractions.

Dr Franczyk will start seeing patients, on Wednesdays, at our Appoquinimink office starting July 3rd. He will continue his normal office hours on Monday, Thursday and Friday at the North Wilmington office. The Covid Vaccine is now available and recommended for children 12 years old and older. We highly recommend that any child in our practice who is 12 or older receive the vaccine.

Although the COVID 19 virus itself is not typically as dangerous to children as it is to adults, and death from the virus in children is rare, there are increasingly reports of long-term effects of COVID 19 virus in some children, including cardiac, neurologic, and lung issues. Children have been denied so many beneficial experiences during the pandemic. The vaccine is their best protection. It is especially important to vaccinate children in this age group 12—year-olds with underlying health conditions.

Teen sex Wilmington

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