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The former Miss Universe has been smeared for speaking out. T he story of Alicia Machado is many things but as it pertains to the presidential election, it is a story about the time Donald Trump smeared a woman and riled up a media circus to spread the gossip. That was back in the s and mostly fodder for tabloids. This time the line of attack, pushed most aggressively by surrogates and rightwing news outlets, defames Machado as a porn star and murder accomplice, who once threatened to kill a judge and posed topless for Playboy, among other things.

The latest assault came from Trump himself on Friday. The sequence is familiar by now: throughout history, women who speak out against powerful men — as Machado did, for instance, in the New York Times earlier this year — have been subject to a backlash.

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First off, the Clinton campaign confirmed to the Guardian that she is not being paid by them. The pornography charge appears to be false. Machado did pose on the cover of Playboy — twice in fact. The difference is Trump kept his shirt on, but even that was probably only in deference to the preferences of the audience.

And speculation relating to her seven-year-old daughter should not be a journalistic enterprise at any respectable media organization. The most substantive charge is that in a year-old Machado was accused of driving a getaway car after her boyfriend shot his brother-in-law. He had a sister, who, eight months pregnant, jumped off a fifth-floor balcony.

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He, allegedly, blaming her husband for the suicide, sought revenge by firing two shots at him just after the funeral. The husband was hit but survived. Mr Rodriguez fled in a car driven, say the police, by Miss Machado. The investigating judge, Maximiliano Fuenmayor, issued an arrest warrant for Mr Rodriguez.

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But Miss Machado, who claimed she was ill at home at the time, seemed to be in the clear, for the moment anyway. It was a short moment. Within hours, Mr Fuenmayor had a telephone call from her. He says she threatened to ruin his career and have him killed. She admits she rang, but says it was merely to thank him for his unbiased pursuit of justice. The accusations went nowhere and she never faced charges.

The report that she drove a getaway car was dropped almost 20 years ago due to lack of evidence. More recently, they did not prevent her from obtaining US citizenship in August, a process involving a background check and clearance. Interestingly Corey Lewandowski, the Trump operator who dredged up the allegationswas charged with battery as recently as this year.

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To be clear: it was not. I never communicated with the Clinton campaign around this story except to ask for a comment on Monday afternoon, as Politico explained. Given a chance to respond to the personal accusations about her, Machado — whose English is imperfect — did not debunk them as forcefully as she might have though again, she has been denying them for almost 20 years now.

Instead she said something different, and something which has been largely misconstrued. Of course, everybody has a past. But that is not the point now. Opinion US politics. This article is more than 5 years old. Lucia Graves. Fri 30 Sep Reuse this content.

Sluts in machado

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