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She married her husband Karl, who's a senior partner He's forty four in the company, eight months ago.

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What my boss and her husband doesn't know Or so I thoughtis Ellie and I have been fucking for the past four months. She once told me her husband enjoys a boring vanilla type of sex.

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Where as she loves being fucked hard and having dirty anything goes sex, needing a young stud to fuck her. So most work days if we got chance to, I'd fuck her where and when we could. But if we didn't manage Sex chat 39367 Or even if we do have any sex, myself and Ellie do the Friday afternoon audit together. Only instead of doing the audit at the busy noisy office, we book into a hotel which her husband always meets her at after he's finished work.

It was actually his idea Nine times out of ten we got through the computer audit within an hour or so, then it was fuck time. She turned from my immediate boss, into an absolute slut. And loves nothing more than to have me forcing my cock down her throat Love watching her gag on my dickfucking her juicy pussy, or the one hole she craves to be fucked hard, her gorgeous tight arsehole.

What's changed is, last month after we'd not long finished fucking, I heard the hotel rooms door open as I stepped out of the shower.

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When I entered the bed area, Karl was stood there and smiling at his wife, who was still semi naked. She did cover up as I entered, but Karl said "No need to hide anything babe, we're all adults here". Karl walked over, shook my hand and told Ellie "See you downstairs in ten minutes". She affirmed his request then told me to get dressed and take a cab home. I waited all weekend for a message or phone call telling me I'd lost my job. But nothing happened. On the Monday I drove into work really nervous and saw Karl chatting to Charles.

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Thinking "Oh well this is it". Again nothing happened and Ellie arrived half an hour later, kissed her father and got on with things as though it was a normal day. The clincher for me was Ellie texting me and telling me to meet her in a back office used for storage. When I got there, she was already bending over an old computer desk and had her skirt and knickers down by her ankles. Turning to me, she said "I've got to go out with Karl over to An engineering company but I need your cock. Missed you all weekend. Now fuck me". My dick was rock hard in seconds and I had my cock buried deep up her pussy from behind only seconds later.

It was such a horny fuck knowing she still wanted me to fuck her on the spur of the moment.

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Plus knowing her husband knew I was fucking his wife at work and at the hotel. And so it's the case today. The hotel room fucks, are now lasting most of the afternoon as the audits are pretty much done before we get there. Karl still meets his wife there every week, but I now know they Sex chat 39367 go straight down to eat and drink. But instead he arranges a taxi for me and she has him take care of her with his tongue and mouth. Speaking with Ellie last week, she finally admitted Karl has always enjoyed knowing she's fucking other men.

She also told me it was his idea for her to seduce me. When I asked her why he enjoyed eating her pussy and arsehole after she'd been fucked, her reply was "I don't care why. I just know he really enjoys it. And so do I". Over 42, Adult Confessions Shared! Toggle Toggle. up. Next. Comments No comments yet Comment this. Can't read the image? I'm Not a Robot. Top Sex Confessions 01 I'm a 31 year old straight dude and I've always been curious about guys. On a lat But a few weekends ago, I was All Top Sex Confessions.

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Sex chat 39367

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