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Hogan to seek a federal emergency and disaster declaration for the weeks-long cyber attack that brought the city government computer systems and citizen services down.

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If granted, the Presidential FEMA declaration would allow for federal reimbursement for damages, costs and infrastructure repairs related to the attack. Hogan responded to the NYT report later Saturday, saying they continue to work with city leaders.

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Scott called for the creation of a Special City Council Committee on Cybersecurity and Emergency Preparedness to investigate the attack. Earlier this week, Sen. Baltimore News.

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Maryland School Closings. Survivor is pulling no punches in season 41 as we already have our third elimination and this time it was neurosurgeon David Voce who had to watch Jeff Probst snuff out his flame.

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Construction Set To Begin On New Performance Space Next To Hippodrome Theatre Construction is set to begin this fall on a new performance and event space next to the Hippodrome Theatre that will allow the arts complex to host more shows and cater to smaller performing arts groups.

Seeking nsa Baltimore

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