Petite girl fantasy

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The protagonist of the enormously popular Divergent trilogy—which sees its first film adaptation Friday—is so short and thin that she has to roll up her jeans three times just to make them fit, and her shirts come close to slipping off her narrow shoulders.

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When it comes to recent young adult sci-fi and fantasy literature, this is typical. Divergent is just one in a spate of recent young adult novels—three of which saw big-budget film adaptations in —to emphasize the diminutive stature of its main character. Having a tiny heroine is an easy way to create a satisfying David and Goliath narrative—the stuff on which young-adult fiction is built.

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Besides, would their arcs be any less compelling if their thighs touched, or they occasionally had to invest in a sports bra? And in more adult fare, this archetype of the delicate-looking action hero often gets twisted into a fetish disguised as girl power. Powerful, yet still delicate enough to be cradled by their male love interests.

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Mature enough to lead those around them, yet so small that people confuse them with innocent little girls. Characters like Katniss, Tris, and Clary are rightly praised for being self-sufficient role models, and proving that female-driven stories sell books.

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I just hope that someday, strong female characters will actually reflect and affirm the diversity of the young readers who idolize them. Popular Latest. The Atlantic Crossword.

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Petite girl fantasy

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Why do a lot of guys like petite girls and women?