Need your soft hands

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If your hands are dry, you would surely know how uncomfortable they can be. Dry hands could be caused by various factors. While for some individuals, it could be their occupation, for others, the changing weather could be the culprit. However, dry hands are not a problem you cannot reverse. With the right knowledge and remedies, you can make your hands much smoother and softer.

Note : If your skin dryness persists beyond two weeks, consult your healthcare provider and get yourself tested for any underlying cause. Skin dryness is most often triggered by environmental factors. In some cases, certain health conditions and irritants can also cause your skin or hands to become unusually dry. The primary causes include:. The cold season makes the air dry.

Those who spend a long duration washing dishes also tend to have dry hands. The strong surfactants in detergents and soaps can strip your skin of its natural oils, causing your hands to become extremely dry. Other skin disorders like psoriasis and eczema can also cause your hands to go dry 2. Though dry hands are common, it is easy to restore their health.

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We have listed below certain natural methods that can treat dry hands in most cases. Vaseline has powerful moisturizing properties 3. Applying it to your hands regularly can make them softer. The emollient properties of coconut oil can help improve skin hydration and increase lipid levels on the skin surface 4.

Thus, the topical application of coconut oil can help make your hands softer. Oatmeal moisturizes the skin and improves skin barrier function 5. Hence, it can help relieve dry skin, thereby making your hands softer with every use. Egg yolks are rich in lecithin, an emollient that helps condition the skin. It is usually used in skin conditioning agents 6. The accumulation of dry skin cells over your hands can also cause them to become dry. The grainy texture of sugar granules can help in exfoliating your skin. Honey can hydrate, soothe, and moisturize your skin 7.

The emollient nature of honey can soften your hands. Aloe vera extracts are rich in polysaccharides that can help moisturize your skin 8. Sweet almond oil contains fatty acids that can help moisturize your skin and make your hands softer 9. These remedies can make your hands softer with time. But it is important to prevent your hands from going dry again. In the following section, we have covered a few ways you can achieve the same. Give your hands some TLC to make them as smoother as before. The remedies and tips should help you achieve the you want.

But if your problems persist, visit your dermatologist.

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Your hands can take a few days to a couple of weeks to become soft. You can apply a deep moisturizer like coconut oil or Vaseline to your hands and then wear gloves to help the oil penetrate your skin. This could be related to eczema, a skin disorder characterized by the peeling of skin on your hands and fingers. A sunburn or a fungal infection can also cause your hands to peel.

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Please consult your doctor for diagnosis. Hand lotions containing natural ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and oatmeal can be effective in treating dry and cracked hands. Other over-the-counter formulations include Cetaphil and Vaseline.

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Need your soft hands

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Simple But Effective Solutions to Get Soft and Younger-Looking Hands Naturally