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If your child participates in one of the most popular contact sports, such as hockey or football, they probably have a mouthguard attached to their helmet as part of their standard gear. You probably spend a lot of time and money outfitting your kid for their sport.

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Uniforms, practice attire, the right shoes, and of course protective gear all add up. A mouthguard is a simple plastic appliance that rests inside the mouth, covering the teeth and gums. In the event of a collision or fall, the mouthguard cushions the blow and prevents teeth from chipping or breaking.


And if your child wears braces, a mouthguard prevents the wires and brackets from breaking and also prevents them from poking through the cheeks and gums. Whether your child plays organized sports or participates in non-competitive recreational activities, their teeth may be at risk. The American Dental Association ADA recommends that all children who play in the following sports should wear a mouthguard:. The ADA also urges parents to have their children wear mouthguards during limited-contact sports, such as baseball, gymnastics, volleyball, softball, and other similar sports and activities.

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There are three main types of mouthguards available: stock mouthguards sold in most sporting goods stores, boil-and-bite guards that mold to your mouth, and custom guards fitted here in our office. But the best protection is the one that fits properly and comfortably without causing pain. To learn more about the benefits of mouthguards or to get your child fitted for a custom mouthguard, schedule an appointment today by calling our friendly staff or booking one online.

Big, burly football players wear them, and so do wrestlers and hockey players.

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But if you think mouthguards are just for athletes, think again. You brush, you floss, your smile is beautiful, and you feel fine — why in the world would you need a filling? Keep reading to find the answer.

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Your smile involves more than teeth and gums — your whole face lights up when you grin. But teledentistry puts your dentist in your pocket so you can have your teeth checked anywhere. Up and down, side-to-side, or tiny circles — everyone has their own way of polishing their pearly whites.

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Find out if you need to brush up on your oral hygiene routine. Are you one of them?

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Learn the telltale s of gingivitis so you can stop it and reverse it before it destroys your oral health. Now accepting Teledentistry appointments.

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Why Do You Need a Mouthguard?