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As a pole instructor who occasionally advertises my private lessons, I constantly get hit up by young women specifically who want to learn pole so they can be a stripper. They have never been to a strip club before, met a stripper or bought a pair of pleasers. A lot more. Let me explain. The first thing you need to do is find out if a permit is required to work at the club you are interested in working at. Not all clubs require a permit and permitting laws vary by state and city. Ask them how they like working there. What kind of audition was involved?

Whomever does the hiring can also vary. Also, do your own research about the clubs themselves. Some clubs are mixed, some clubs are predominantly urban clubs. Again these things vary by city and state. If a permit is required before you can audition, make sure you have taken care of that first.

Sometimes clubs will not let you audition unless you already have a permit. Come dressed Need a dancer stripper street clothing and bring a bag with makeup, your shoes and the outfit you want to audition in. Your outfit should be something that is easy to take on and off without assistance. Additionally, find out prior to going what times the club is open. Once you arrive, ask the person working the door to speak to a manager about auditioning. Or the manager might say that as well.

There is probably another club you can try!

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Once you are granted an audition, you will probably be led into the dressing room of the club and probably see the other girls who work there. You can also ask them about their experiences working there while you get ready. Depending on how busy the club is at the time, you may have to wait a minute to audition. Sometimes there might be multiple girls waiting to audition so just be patient and wait your turn.

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You will have to wait and also if they hire you, they may ask you to stay and work that same shift. Again, depending on how much time the manager or house mom has, you will be given anywhere from one to three songs to audition. They will usually let you know how many and ask what kind of music you want to dance to. Pick music you know and can dance to that will help you!

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Also, be prepared to strip! Be sure to try to engage the audience, if there is one. Thank anyone who tips you with a smile and keep on dancing. If they say no, it is okay to ask for constructive criticism. Let them know this is your first audition. They MAY hire you just for day shift or on a trial basis. If they still say no, thank them for their time and move on to the next one.


If they do hire you, be prepared to stay and work the rest of the shift. The house mom will probably explain to you some basics as to how the club works. Tip out is basically the salary of the other people who work there — house moms, managers, bouncers, DJs, bathroom moms, parking guys, etc.

If that sounds like a lot, trust me, it is.

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No joke. Sometimes if it is a big event, the tip out may be even higher. Oh, and some clubs require you to take a breathalyzer before you can leave at the end of your shift.

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Blowing for the breathalyzer may also cost a buck or two. Trust me, they will appreciate and remember it. The setup at every club is different but mostly all of them have a stage. You will probably go into a rotation as to when you go on stage.

The DJ will probably ask what music you want to dance to. I know that probably sounds different than what you imagine, but stage money can always be hit or miss. When you are walking the floor, that is your time to scope out customers for lap dances and VIP sessions. Lap dance and VIP rules also can vary by club. Also, when and how to approach a customer can vary. It is important that you know what they are, as well as the customer, so neither of you get in trouble.

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You need to know that no matter what the rules are, dudes will inevitably try to grab you—everywhere. Depending on club rules, your relationship with the person, and your own personal comfort level, you can address these things as you see fit. You can also tell a bouncer or manager if the problems escalates beyond your control. Got more questions? Come to our popular sex worker panel at polecon! Buy your ticket now. Thank you for your concern! The person who wrote this post is a SWer with experience in live and virtual clubs as well as a cam girl. They also teach pole to SWers and civilians.

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Need a dancer stripper

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