Make out with me tonight

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Copyright Glen Brereton Jr. Sworn to remain a friend Until the bitter end, Thinking that I knew you, I promised to be true To you. Sinking into quicksand, Reaching out for your hand Now. I am biting the door But I can chew no more.

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My teeth grind to a pulp Screaming out for your help; Help me!! You come and laugh at me.

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Humiliating me, Too. When free from my bondage, I will forget the siege That you lay upon me So very heavily Tonight. Now I can see clearly How you influenced me Then. Any time you ask me. Though you claimed your words true, I have still been lied to. Any word that you say Will ever be okay To dismiss as false And anything else Also.

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I wanna look Deep into your eyes I went to sleep dreaming about you And I woke up dreaming about you I hold you tightly in my arms I want you and all your charms I wanna know How your lips feel How many kisses Can I steal? Will you talk to me?

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Will you laugh at me? Stand up, Baby, come on and dance with me.

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Stand up, Baby, why are you sitting there? Baby, turn to the right and dance all night.

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Baby, turn to the left and dance all night. Spin yourself around and spin around again. Jump up and down and up and down again. Published: Other author's books: Poetry.

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