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She attended an all-girls' school in Friedrichroda and the commercial school in Gotha before moving on to the Teacher Training College in Eisenach between and By she had moved to Leipzig where she taught in a girls' school. In November she attended a political meeting which was addressed by Clara Zetkin by whom she was greatly impressed.

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It was here that she first met Hermann Dunckerstudying to become a music teacher, and later her husband. She moved to Hamburg where she taught at another all-girls' school. In Hamburg she became involved in the dockworkers' strike which occurred between November and February As a result of her support for the strike she was, as before, dismissed from her teaching post. Duncker, who appears as a speaker in almost all women's meetings in order to campaign against the respectable middle-class women's associations.

She married Hermann Duncker, by now an economics student, towards the end of Their daughter, Hedwig, was born in They moved away from Leipzig to Dresden. As she recovered she returned to lecturing on child protection, education and women's rights. In she gave a presentation to the fourth SPD Women's Congress in Mannheim on care of women during and following pregnancy. In the family relocated to Stuttgart. In Duncker gave a presentation to the SPD Party Conference, held that year in Jenawhere, according to one source, she had her first encounter with Rosa Luxemburg.

Already sufficiently burdened by her domestic difficulties [possibly involving her sensitive elder son], unhesitatingly everything that the times and circumstances required. War broke out at the end of July In the Reichstag national parliament the SPD leadership implemented an effective party truce for its duration. In a vote held on 4 Augustinstead of voting against war creditsthe SPD abstained. From the outset, however, this version of patriotism from the party leadership encountered opposition from internationalist and left-wing party members.

In the International Group was renamed, becoming the Spartacus League. Duncker continued to campaign against the war, using her background on the party's education to locate and address youth groups, while also producing illegal "Spartacus Letters" "Spartakusbriefe"carrying the same pro-peace messages.

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This earned her a "speech ban" on 30 May Regarding the closing phases of the war, sources are relatively silent on her pacifist activism. During the war her sons had been sent to Denmark where they were staying with friends, and in Matcharound the time when Leo Jogiches was murdered, she ed them.

The next few years indicated that her reserves of energy were not yet spent, however. The SPD had finally broken apart over the issue of support for the war in A century later, it is not always easy to differentiate the two movements from each other, and in March the Spartacus League merged into the USPD while retaining a semi-autonomous status within it.

Some of the contradictions inherent in these arrangements were addressed at a conference held in Berlin between 30 December and 1 January which gave structure to agreements entered into earlier in the month, in the process establishing the Communist Party of Germany.

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In Decemberwith her husband, she moved back to Thuringia where the family were allocated an apartment in Gotha-Siebleben. In the late summer of Duncker invited by the party to stand as a candidate for the regional parliament Landtag. The candidacy was not without controversy among her political comrades, and at one stage she withdrew it.

Nevertheless, in the end her name was on the Communist Party candidate list and in Decembernow aged fifty, she was elected to the chamber. She addressed her parliamentary responsibilities with characteristic energy, her contributions focusing on issues involving childhood, and building on ideas that had originated during her time as a teacher in Eisenach and Friedrichroda. She urged improvements in the education available to ordinary people.

During a period of on-going internal fractionalism within the Communist Party her parliamentary duties had to be combined with endless national and regional party meetings. The quantity of parliamentary and party work could be exhausting and she suffered several interludes of absence caused by illness. On top of her other activities, she continued organising women's groups across the region.

It is clear from her letters that these meetings, and the lively discussions that often broke out at them, remained very important to her. Following a further period of unrest, in November the regional government in Thuringia, which had been a coalition between the SPD and her own Communist group, collapsed.

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In February she was not nominated as a candidate in the subsequent election. Relations between the Soviet communist party and the German communist party were close during the Weimar years. Intrusive house searches and book burnings became mainstream. Hermann Duncker was arrested in February and remained in prison till November In Novembershe emigrated to the United States where she lived in a New York apartment block and was able to find work as a cleaner and as a language teacher.

After her son Wolfgang worked in the movie industry in Moscow.

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He is described by one source as a follower of Nikolai Bukharinhowever. Her elder son was building a career as a notable Gestalt psychologistby this time based at Swarthmore College near Philadelphiaand a couple of hours by train from New York. He arrived "stateside" in September The Dunckers returned to Germany insettling first in Rostock and later in Bernaujust outside Berlin.

Home was now part of the Soviet occupation zonerelaunched in October as the German Democratic Republic a new separated German state with its political and economic structures modelled on those of the Soviet Union.

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Nevertheless, on 2 June she wrote to her old friend and comrade, Wilhelm Pieckimploring him to use his personal influence to find out what had happened to her younger son, Wolfgang. Like him, Wilhelm Pieck had moved to Moscow in ; unlike Wolfgang, he had survived, and was now a top German politician in the Soviet occupation zone.

In he became East Germany's first president. On 10 November the Dunckers received a message from the Red Cross informing them that their younger son had died in Vorkuta on 20 November He had been forced, after four months, to a false confession, and then taken to a concentration camp where conditions had been grim.

Less than a year earlier she had called in a favour from another old comrade, writing on behalf of her friend, the journalist Jacob Walcherto Walter Ulbricht.

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Walcher had been thrown out of the party because of doctrinal differences. It is not known whether Duncker's plea to Ulbricht in played any part in triggering her friend's formal rehabilitation in Before a of places had streets named after her. In a public park "Kurpark" in Friedrichroda the memorial statue showing Duncker as a teacher instructing three pupils was removed in in order to clear the way for a new walkway.

Nevertheless, unconfirmed assurances from town officials, briefly reported in the local press, indicated that it would be restored to the park, in an alternative location, some time round Bernau bei BerlinGDR. From a Leipzig police report:. An admirer and former pupil writes:. Jacob Walcherwriting in [3]. Handbuch der Deutschen Kommunisten. Retrieved 6 October Luise F. Pusch i. Birgit Klaubert. V, Zwickau. Retrieved 7 October International Socialist Conferences of Women Workers. Retrieved 7 March International Women's Day". United Nations.

Die deutsche Sozialdemokratie im Ersten Weltkrieg. University of Cambridge repository.

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Retrieved 8 October Zerrissene Lebenslinien: Familienschicksaale in den Jahren des Exils Sowjetunion - die grosse Hoffnung. Familienschicksale Lukas Verlag. ISBN Das Mut der Frauen. Archived from the original on 5 January Authority control.

United States Czech Republic Netherlands.

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