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Are you considering using a sperm donor to help build your family? Sperm donation programs aid those who are LGBT or facing infertility, as well as single women. Once the decision to use a sperm donor is made, the next step in the process is choosing a sperm donor programand then a donor within that program. Sometimes, intended parents will have a clear vision for the type of sperm donor needed to help build their family.

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For others, the decision is more open-ended. After all, what should you look for in a sperm donor? What characteristics are important? For some, the one priority when choosing a sperm donor is what the donor looks like — hair color, eye color, height, weight and race are go-to information points.

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Intended parents often search for a sperm donor who looks like they do or like their partner does. This common instinct dates back to the origin of sperm donation services, and remains an important priority for parents today.

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However, the modern sperm donor profile presents more information than a physical description and photo of the donor. These details help provide a full picture of the type of person a prospective donor is. More than ever, intended parents are reporting that they weigh factors like education, medical histories and career goals in addition to physical appearance. You can start a sperm donor search free of charge today.

If you have any questions about our sperm donation program or finding a sperm donor, please contact our office today. Located in Southern California, FCC is a nationally acclaimed cryobank and fertility center that offers a comprehensive sperm donor program, fertility preservation services and infertility testing and treatments.

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The Fertility Center of California, laboratory and cryobank is a world-class facility that is a trusted destination for cryopreservation and infertility diagnosis and treatments. Medical practices and their patients can store sperm, eggs, embryos and reproductive tissues in our high-security tissue bank. If male factor infertility has been diagnosed, hopeful parents can search the online sperm donor database to find a sperm donor, or have a close friend or relative donate sperm.

Our sperm donor program works with both types of donors anonymous and directed donorsguiding intended parents through every step of the donation process. Call or request your appointment online below.

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Our staff will provide assistance per any visit preferences you may have. Telemedicine Request. Looking beyond physical appearance For some, the one priority when choosing a sperm donor is what the donor looks like — hair color, eye color, height, weight and race are go-to information points. How do I start searching for a sperm donor?

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Looking for sperm bank

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