Looking for sex in Rio branco

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On my first night in Rio Branco, I asked a young cab driver to take me to the best nightclub in town. Without hesitation he drove straight into the rainforest. Soon we were surrounded in darkness, the car's headlights barely illuminating the lush greenery by the side of the road.

After 10 miles, we turned left down a track.

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At the end was a simple house with its own swimming pool and a dozen prostitutes. I climbed the wooden stairwell and found there were rooms upstairs that could be rented by the hour. What struck me was neither the openness of the operation nor the boredom on the girls faces, but the pride of the taxi-driver in showing me this exclusive den and his uncontroversial assumption that any visitor wanting to go out for a drink would be looking, inevitably, for hookers.

They all come here. Rio Branco is the most inaccessible of the Amazon's jungle cities. It is the capital of Acre, Brazil's most westerly state, squeezed into a buttock-shaped nook by the borders of Bolivia and Peru. The international image of the Amazon is of a romantic green wilderness, fraying at the edges where loggers are chopping down trees. This is only half true. Over the last two decades the Brazilian Amazon has witnessed an immigration boom that has seen its population more than triple to 19m. InRio Branco had 36, inhabitants. Now it is an ugly brown sprawl, home to over a quarter of a million.

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Its expansion has been faster than it could reasonably be expected to cope with, and the jungle city suffers from severe urban problems. The dream of achieving fortune in Brazil's western frontier which le so many people to head for the city turns into a reality for very few.

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Crime levels are high and so endemic that a local MP was jailed recently for cutting off a man's limbs with a chainsaw. Corruption and prostitution are rife.

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Social indicators such as illiteracy and access to running water pipes are among the worst in the country. I took a cab to an outlying suburb where the houses are made of wooden slats and built on stilts because of flooding.

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Before I entered the service I drank, like everyone else, a muddy liquid in espresso-sized cups on offer at the front door. The substance is called "daime", and contains natural hallucinogens that Indians have used for generations.

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Religion here is a mix of indigenous beliefs and Christianity, and so widespread in Rio Branco that it is not uncommon for parents to put a dab of diame on newborn babies' tongues as a form of spiritual initiation. My daime was not working. So I went outside and swigged another cup.

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Seconds later I flipped. I stumbled around like a drunk and began a hallucinatory trip. I became scared of the church and tried to leave, but members of the happy-clappy congregation said that I should stay since my spirit would be protected. Weird things started happening to my body. I drank several pints of water but my mouth stayed dry. Then my jaw began to move uncontrollably. I doubted my own identity and momentarily I forgot if I was a man or a woman. The experience lasted for about five hours, until well after I had returned to my hotel room.

I kept on all the lights because otherwise my bed seemed to be a raft floating into darkness down a river. I had come to the Amazon's remotest corner expecting luscious greenery and painted Indian tribes. Instead, I found a city life of cheap sex and dangerous drugs. A trip too far.

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Green unpleasant land. When he visits the Amazon's remotest corner, Alex Bellos expects a lush jungle paradise. Instead he finds Rio Branco, a city marked by sex, drugs and industrial sprawl. Alex Bellos. Wed 28 Nov Topics A trip too far. Reuse this content.

Looking for sex in Rio branco

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Green unpleasant land