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In. Sensual Friends Hide Spoilers. Kryzak 11 April Why did I do so? I love how all of them could just be anyone's friends and not those unattainable models types that a lot of soft core porn use. Acting wise, I actually thought it was quite good, for soft core porn. Even though I felt some lines were forced, I genuinely believed the love between certain couples, the friendship between the guys, and some of the more tender moments when truths are revealed. The emotional impact was there. Finally, I really liked the story.

I actually watched it again like a regular movie and enjoyed it. Every character is well defined, 3 dimensional, and likable in their own way. The heavy and light moments excluding sex scenes were intertwined quite well and I really had a good time watching it.

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It would have been quite unbelieveable I mean, can you imagine any of the guys getting it on with another guy in this movie? Was this review helpful? Gislef 9 April Attempts at drama pad out this soft-core skinflick which doesn't really resolve or accomplish anything. Folks show up, have sex, leave. Whew, that was dramatic! As was noted elsewhere, at least the people involved look like folks you might meet on the streets, as opposed to the weird tattooed, permed, silicone-enhanced breed of people that typically inhabit such flicks.

But nothing really happens. Can't say I truly enjoyed it but I have to admit that it has the best quality fans like me expect from the soft core genre. The movie goes directly to the point and I thank for it. What do I mean? Very soon sex happens and from the very first scene, things get steamier and keep rising the temperature. Sure, most early 's soft core flicks were crossing a level when hardcore was almost inevitable. This movie displays it perfectly and gets you really interested.

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Expect very sexy man-female sex scenes, and a glorious threesome. Should please fans of the genre. I love this movie. I watch it every time it comes on TV. Gary Santangelo is so hot. He is the main reason why I watch the movie. That is why they had that date night with no regrets so they can get all their curiosity out in the open and move on.

Overall, it is a good sensual sexy movie!!!! Gary Santangleo has a terrific body, well everything on him is perfect. As you can tell I am a Gary Santangleo fan. I have seen him perform in many movies this past year. He is great!

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In most made for cable adult movies the acting is pretty fake, but in this movie they did a good job. Despite the negative comments by reviewers, I thought it to be a pretty good bit of soft core. Yes, the basic situation is adolescent, but the simulated sex is excellent.

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ChanRobt 18 February If you're just looking for a nice, healthy turn-on, Sensual Friends is actually pretty good. Story line is dead simple: three young, attractive, prosperous married couples who are old friends spend weekend together in posh Santa Barbara style house.

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One extra single girl, recently broken up with her husband, and also in the clique, adds extra interest because all the guy friends have long lusted after her. Dialog, story-line, and acting, though hardly brilliant, are several cuts above everyday slam-bam porn.

The actors are all quite attractive--no tattoos or body piercing or cheap clothes. And the sexual chemistry between and among them is good, the sex scenes are nicely staged and erotically convincing. The girls event take their shoes off.

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It's well photographed, but doesn't try to be artsy-no vaseline lenses. Guys look like they're sincerely heterosexual. And the girls, sexy but not slutty, look like they're having a genuine good time--not faking. So either these people really are good actors and actresses--or they were actually having a fun weekend. Create a list ». Drama Radarr 5. See all related lists ».

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Looking for sensual friends

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