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Response: If he is growing he will definitely need a night feed. Teeth are evil, I know it seems hard but it does get easier! Have you tried all the teething remedies? When things got really bad for my son I gave him ibuprofen for babies. Breast offers food and comfort. Co-sleeping helped us too. Kelly, LLL Stourbridge. Response: I have such empathy for you! At 14 months my son still wakes every couple of hours. I agree that co-sleeping does make things easier.

I hope this helps! Amelia, LLL Bath. Response: My son is two years old and still wakes during the night to nurse various times, some nights a few times and some more than a few. He sleeps by my side and that makes everything easier. I got used to it so it no longer makes me tired. Co-sleeping is the key.

Makes everyone happy. Violeta, London. Response: I can sympathise! My first son did the same and I found those few hours in the evening the most frustrating as I just wanted some time to relax before I went to bed. I survived the regular night feeds by co-sleeping and my son was very good at latching on without waking me much!

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We were down to one feed between 11pm and 6. I was finding it utterly exhausting and struggling to get through the day with a three year old to entertain too. Two nights ago and having spoken to health visitors about his weight all fineI decided to try to gently cut down his night feed times. It went much better than expected. He cried for a couple of minutes the first night and looked a bit baffled, and I still fed him three times in total that night but only five minutes each, not 20 and he was awake when I put him back down each time.

Last night I fed him to sleep at He then woke hungry but very happy at 6.

என் அம்மாவின் ஒரு நாள் வேலைகள் காலை 6am-இரவு 11pm வரை/இவ்வளவு வேலையா😲/My mom’s routine 6am-11pm/

Sarah, UK. Victoria, LLL Northampton. Response: I can relate totally to your experience. In the early years I was near obsessed with how little sleep I got. New mums talk about how often their babies wake at night as if there is a medal for the one whose baby sleeps the most. Now I know that it is not good for more than a few hours to lapse between feeds. When my son was five months old I met a mum whose baby was feeding as frequently as mine.

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She tore herself up about it and began to resent her baby. The whole baby period was spoilt for her. This is still true, aged 20!

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We think that health professionals know best. I thought I did. Alison, Bovingdon.

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To get time to myself going out for a walk at nap time so they sleep in pushchair is the only way I get peace and quiet! Emma, LLL Northampton. Always remember that this will pass and what you need right now is sleep so that you can help him through it. Can anyone else play with him during the day to let you catch up on sleep or to have some time with your partner at the weekend?

I hope that you find a solution that suits you all and that your son settles into an easier sleep pattern soon.

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Jane, LLL Staffordshire. Response: My 18 month old baby is still breastfeeding but now only at bedtime. To help both her and me get more sleep, we co-slept until she was about 14 months. I always started her in her cot at bedtime but moved to bed whenever she first woke which was usually around midnight, after 7. Is he napping a lot in the day? Are they deep sleeps, going through a complete sleep cycle? Is he feeding well and filling up with lots of the good, fatty milk near bedtime or is he too tired? Is he having solid food? If so, try not to give too much and not to replace milk feeds with solids just yet.

Milk should be the primary source of nutrition until at least one year old, with solids only for experimentation.

என் அம்மாவின் ஒரு நாள் வேலைகள் காலை 6am-இரவு 11pm வரை/இவ்வளவு வேலையா😲/My mom’s routine 6am-11pm/

Too much solids can cause an upset tummy and may be upsetting his sleep. Hopefully, some of these things will help him achieve a better sleep pattern and give you more of a break. Zoe, LLL Northampton. Response: I nursed my daughter until she was three and I now have a seven month old nursling, so I feel your pain!

I found that cosleeping without my top allowed me to get all the sleep I needed and baby can just find the breast when hungry without either of us fully waking. You can all just cuddle in bed and watch a movie or something. Tacha, UK. Amelia, LLL Bath Response: My son is two years old and still wakes during the night to nurse various times, some nights a few times and some more than a few. Violeta, London Response: I can sympathise!

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