Lonely in a crowded place

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The words coming out of your mouth start to feel nonsensical, spoken in a language only you understand. A new survey from YouGov reveals that millennials are the "loneliest generation," with Gen X and Baby Boomers coming in second and third respectively.

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According to the survey, one in five millennials say they have no friends. Share today's article with someone who loves making connections. That sense of loneliness—and subsequent self-isolation it may trigger—has even been found to have physical health repercussionstoo. The good news: Loneliness can be controlled and overcome—even when surrounded by friends or chatting in a group text.

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The more people around, the more opportunity there is to compare yourself —and your level of connection—with others. We look across the table and think, "That person looks happy," or, "That couple looks so close.

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The next time you find yourself caught up in the comparison game, think about what you do have. Maybe your S. You might even find that you kind of enjoy people-watching without needing to keep up with the conversation.

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And, if nothing else, remind yourself that loneliness is incredibly common. The next time the self-judgements start, hit pause. Nobody likes being alone in a crowd, but removing the shame and frustration might help you have a little more fun. Instead of isolating yourself even further, make an effort to connect with those around you, or reach out to friends about meeting up or chatting later that day.

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You can also use loneliness as a al to avoid certain situations. Read next: Feeling a Little Lonely? Try Tuning Into the Present. Shine is supported by members like you. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. See our affiliate disclosure for more info.

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Molly Shea. You think: Nobody here really gets me. Drop the Comparisons The more people around, the more opportunity there is to compare yourself —and your level of connection—with others.

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Try Tuning Into the Present Find your self-care style:. Molly is a Brooklyn-based writer and reporter. ly a staff writer at the New York Post and Yahoo, she now covers all things trendy for print and digital publications. Get real-time advice, lift up others, and feel connected to kind, motivated people across the world.

Lonely in a crowded place

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What to Do When You Feel Lonely In a Crowd