Lonely girlfriend wanted

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It can be tricky to address because the fear of loneliness may be based in deeply entrenched patterns of behaviour or issues related to self-esteem. This is often a feeling that settles in over a long period of time.

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It can also come from a lack of experience when it comes to being single. One of the finest, yet arguably most painful things about relationships, is that they force us to be vulnerable. It may come out in small things like a lack of physical affection or eye contact. Or it may come out in bigger things like arguments or spending a disproportionate amount of time away from home.

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The usual outcome in situations like this is a gradual widening of the gap between the two people until, eventually, they break apart. This is the most important question to consider in this scenario. What exactly do we mean by loneliness? Is it being alone?

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Or rather, is it not having anyone around who understands us? This is the position that most counsellors would take.

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That is the central irony of this pattern of thinking: that staying with someone to avoid being lonely is likely to make you feel lonely anyway. The unfortunate truth is that the only way to avoid feeling this way is through seeking authentic and meaningful connections with others, and if your current relationship is making this impossible, making any changes necessary to allow this to happen.

Ending a relationship is invariably painful. It is also an excellent idea to take time to establish and nurture non-romantic relationships in your life. Having a support network is a crucial part of growing and maintaining self-esteem.

Now back to that question of loneliness.

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Although all of the above is certainly important when it comes to cultivating a healthy mental attitude and sense of self-esteem, the truth is that being single can still feel lonely. Though this can be difficult, sometimes the best option is simply accepting this as part of life. After all, we all have to bear a little sadness on the path to getting what we really want. Making changes in your life is difficult. If you think you might need some help, counselling can be a helpful way of getting things in perspective.

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Discover more about what to expect from counselling at Relate. You are here Home Relationship help Help with separation and divorce Thinking about splitting up I want to split up with my partner but I'm scared of being lonely. I want to split up with my partner but I'm scared of being lonely. Loneliness is a frightening prospect, and one that can cause us to act in irrational ways.

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Why do I feel like this? What kinds of effects does it have on a relationship? What is loneliness?

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Making changes Ending a relationship is invariably painful. How Relate can help Making changes in your life is difficult.

Lonely girlfriend wanted

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