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Instead of making your child feel good — like they belong and are accepted — toxic friendships can lead to your child feeling bad about themselves or others. This will help your child work out which people might be good to hang out with. It also helps to encourage your child to have a wide range of friends from a variety of placeslike school, sports or social clubs, family friends and neighbours. This gives your child other people to turn to if a friendship turns toxic. You could encourage your child to have friends over and give them space in your home.

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Listen to your child and use open-ended questions. When you keep the lines of communication open, your child is more likely to talk with you about any problems that come up. When you talk, you could describe your own friendship history. Finally, you can be a role model for forming and maintaining positive relationships — with your own friends, partner and colleagues.

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You can help your child feel this way by encouraging them to focus on their strengths, and praising their strengths yourself. You can also try to get your child interested in activities that build their confidence.

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This can help your child learn valuable life skills like conflict resolution, assertiveness and problem-solving. But when you feel you need to step in, here are some ideas. Changing toxic friendships If your child really wants to keep the friendship, help them find ways to change it. Encourage your child to tell their friend to stop making these comments.

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Your child could practise what to say by role-playing the conversation with you. Sometimes frenemies act in negative ways because they get good reactions. You can use our problem-solving steps with your child to work out what the frenemy is getting out of the behaviour.

Then you might be able to work out a solution. Using a witty comeback, being assertive, or walking away without comment can change the dynamic. Ending toxic friendships If your child is prepared to end the friendship, they need to decide how to tell the frenemy. Be prepared for the fall-out from the end of a toxic friendship.

The frenemy might try to make life difficult for your .

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Watch out for any harassment, bullying or cyberbullying. If this happens, contact the school or organisation where the bullying is happening, and support your child at home. It might take time for your child to find a new group of friends, and they might find this process stressful.

Your child might feel less alone if you support them and are ready to talk whenever they need to. A statement like this focuses on what needs to change in the friendship. This statement picks up on the consequences of the behaviour, and gives your child the chance to change it. This might only make things worse for your .

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In some cases — for example, if drugs are involved — you might need to tell the parents or another adult. This might make your child feel even more closely attached to those friends. Teenagers sometimes find it helpful to have someone other than a parent to talk to. You could try:. Teenagers sometimes need help to avoid, manage or end toxic friendships.

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Finding new friends Your child might need to find new friends: Encourage your child to list all the other peers they could link up with. For example, does your child sit with other students in class? Do they have friends in another friendship circle, sporting club or activity outside school?

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Encourage your child to find ways to spend time with these other peers. This could be sitting together at lunch, working on asments, or doing some social or sporting activities. Find out about clubs at school — for example, drama, sportschess and so on.

Your child might be able to find others with shared interests. If you can, encourage new friendships by organising lifts to school, making friends welcome at home, or driving your child to extracurricular activities. You could try: a school counsellor or other counsellor your GP a confidential telephone counselling service for young people, like Kids Helpline — phone

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