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Blog Women's Fund of Rhode Island. It requires interpersonal skills, organizational skills, and a proactive attitude. This nine-month professional development and mentoring program helps women develop and advocate for policies that advance gender equity in Rhode Island. In the past year, many women and girls experienced changes in their mental health and seeking support due to COVID Isolation, along with fear and loss, has caused an increase in stress and anxiety among women.

Unable to cope with the ongoing changes alone, many women sought help for mental health issues. In early November, Kathryn Power, the director of the Rhode Island Department of Behavioral Healthcare, said that there had been a 15 to 20 percent increase in calls from all demographics coming into their triage center. The Importance of Volunteerism.

I was so excited to apply this passion to the incredible work WFRI does, and my internship has been even more engaging and educational than I anticipated. What I did not know when I started, though, is just how many and just how passionate Rhode Islanders are about gender equity too. Industries with the Worst Gender Pay Gaps. What's more, women bear most of the responsibility of home maintenance and caregiving at home — all while holding jobs.

As such, they should be valued as capable professionals. Bill Content Warning: Rape. Is this a widespread issue that has gone unnoticed? And who is a peace officer? An Uphill Climb. And everyone suffers a psychological toll when they feel silenced, but especially children. They are still learning and shaping their world.

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Behaviors are internalized and patterns are established. After all, those same oppressive, societal patterns were present when their mothers or female role models were growing up. The world will celebrate International Women's Day on March 8,by choosing to challenge for a more gender-equal world.

Women have had the right to vote for years, but according to the World Economic Forum, we will not achieve workplace parity for another years. Waiting years for fairness and an equal playing field is not an acceptable solution. Together, we can and should choose to challenge as we strive towards workplace Ladies seeking sex Mapleville Rhode Island.

Sexual harassment and other discrimination based on race, sex, national origin, or religion are crimes. Title VII in the Civil Rights Act outlaws discrimination, including harassment, based on those attributes in every state. But even though sexual harassment and discrimination are illegal, they still happen. If you have experienced sexual harassment at your workplace, you can file a complaint with your state labor board, and you can also file a Federal Complaint with the EEOC.

Women of Color and the Fight for Economic Equity. Covid, especially, has devastated every border, and no one, creed or color, has been able to escape it. Though suffering has been universal, this pandemic has not been equitable—women, especially women of color, have suffered most. The virus disproportionately claims their lives, and economic hardship, already imposed by systemic inequalities and structural racism, has increased during the pandemic.

Black families, mainly led by women, have reported severe financial troubles. Appoint a Woman to Lt. Were Lt. Our goal should always be to achieve gender and racial equity for all elected and appointed positions within our state. VP Kamala Harris- Change agent? But you remember that when you are in those rooms, you are not alone. We are all in that room with you applauding you on. Cheering your voice. And just so proud of you. So you use that voice and be strong. We must advocate for intersectional policy change in Rhode Island.

During my internship over the past seven months, I have learned so much about the importance of intersectionality when advocating for gender equity, especially within the context of the Covid pandemic. As I write this, votes are still being counted throughout the country in the election.

While we may not know the official outcome of the Presidential Election for days or maybe weeks…one thing is certain: the voters of Rhode Island have spoken and they want a change. The Speaker of the House was defeated by a Republican challenger, which has left a power vacuum in the General Assembly.

Women of Many Hats.

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She is a full-time tutor, proctor, curriculum developer, headmistress, meal planner, cook, and mother. And she is my classmate. In March, I wrote about how COVID is a gender and equity issue; pundits have coined the term "she-cession" about the disproportionate gender impact. Recently, McKinsey and Company updated their annual Women in the Workplace study and found that one in four women are considering downshifting their career or leaving the workforce altogether. This increases to one in three if they are mothers.

Women of color are more deeply impacted. In Rhode Island, 25, women have left the workforce. Can we afford to lose even more? Justice for Breonna Taylor. Today, our hearts are with Breonna Taylor's grief-stricken family and her community. Once again, Black Americans have been let down by our justice system. Too often, stereotypes, biases, and racial oppression are embedded in our laws and public policies, and women of color suffer most from these inequities, and all women suffer as a result.

Not only does this have a devastating impact on women's lives, but it also hurts families, communities, future generations, and our entire economy. May her memory be a revolution. She was exceptional in so many ways, but for me, it is her fight for equal justice, and in particular, for the rights of women under the law, that is her enduring legacy.

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She was a role model for me, as she was to countless other women and men, and she changed my life, though she didn't know it. Male Allyship. Having a wife does not make a decent man.

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Treating people with dignity and respect makes a decent man. What is "Professional"? When Dr. Christle Nwora, 26, was applying for her medical residency — the hands-on training that immediately follows medical school — she knew that every facet of her education would be subject to scrutiny like her grades and her performance on rotations. But she also worried that parts of her identity and appearance beyond her control would be judged, too. You just cannot dig yourself of this hole.

The goal will be to create a path to fair wages with the assistance of public funds. It is time to dismantle acts of racism, discrimination, and police brutalities that have been perpetrated against communities of black and brown for so long in our country. It is incumbent upon us to act accordingly and identify ways that we can help to put an end, once and for all, to the issues that have plagued our community for generations. Understanding and Cultivating Understanding: White Privilege. As recent events have unfolded, the realities of life without white privilege have become blatantly obvious.

Though racial privilege is manifested in so many ways, it remains a topic I don't fully understand and that I know those around me do not either. But in order to care about and have a passion for making the world a more equitable place, a basic level of understanding is a prerequisite.

A lack of understanding is not an excuse for inaction when it comes to demanding that all human rights be respected. As women's funds, Ladies seeking sex Mapleville Rhode Island, and gender justice funders, we cannot erase the image of Mr. Floyd calling for his mother. We understand that the outcomes of state violence are woven deeply into Black women's experience. There is no gender justice without racial justice.

Nature vs. Nurture: The Social Work Story. That is staggering! As someone who has spent time working with at-risk teens in a wilderness setting and with their families in their homes, this gender stratification has been my experience as well. I and the majority of my colleagues are female, though all members of the board of directors that I work with are male.

The word itself still means the same thing — a person who supports a community of which they do not personally identify. My view of who has the authority to use the word and how it is used has shifted. To be a good ally, I kept listening and watching those I wanted to support.

As a queer person, I listen to and watch the actions of those who call themselves allies to my community and me. Before COVID, rates of domestic and sexual violence were distressingly high, and after this era comes to a close, incidents will still occur at alarming rates. What if we invested to elect the next 1, Elizabeth Warrens? Art and Social Change. Art can be a tool to challenge dominant ideas about social and political issues. Art that addresses social justice issues has changed the thoughts, Ladies seeking sex Mapleville Rhode Island, preconceptions, and beliefs of the people who are viewing it, which in turn can cause pollical and social change.

The Doula Bill in Rhode Island. While everyone was incredibly proud that the RPA had passed, many felt disappointed that Bill H did not. Known as the Doula Bill, it would have allowed care by a doula to be covered by Medicaid. In FebruaryDr. For her second pregnancy, Dr. Moore hired a doula. Implicit Bias in the Workplace. The day I experienced the most extreme case of bias in my career was supposed to be a typical day. I was giving a presentation to a group of middle-aged investors, some of whom I had known from business experiences.

They were all men, but I was used to that. In Fintech financial technologyyou're always presenting to a group of men. August 26 is Women's Equity Day. A century ago, women in this country were not allowed to vote, yet many Americans take that right for granted today. One out of three eligible women fails to exercise her right CAWP, My work in the common good and political advocacy sectors are defined by the women who brought me up in the world.

Ladies seeking sex Mapleville Rhode Island

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