Im looking for a valentine

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Our activities are widely used by teachers, moms, d, child care providers and more! Five Big Valentines Five big valentines from the corner drug store I mailed one to a friend — then there were four Four big valentines, lovely ones to see I mailed one to my Mommy — then there were three Three big valentines — red, shiny, and new I mailed one to my Daddy — then there were two Two big valentines, the best is yet to come I mailed one to Grandma — Then there was one One big valentine, the giving is almost done I mailed it to Grandpa — and now there is none.

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Special Valentine Prepare 5 valentines and 5 envelopes to use on the flannel board. Look at all these valentines; put valentines on board I made one for each friend. How many valentines do you see? Start to count them now with me.

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Point to. Valentine Here is a valentine. I made it just for you.


I cut it with my scissors And deed it with my paint. If I tell you that I love you, Do you promise not to faint? Be my Valentine!

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Valentines say I love you Yes, I really do. It brings you love and kisses, Because you are my friend. Yes, yes, this is a special day, Yes, yes, this is a special day, Yes, yes, this is a special day, I can give hearts to my friends. Three valentines I have for you, Pink and red and blue. And I hope, oh yes, I hope You will love me the same way. Suzy, Suzy, I love you, Yes I do. Substitute the names of your children for the names in the song. Oh, I just love you hugs and kisses, Come and give me some. A great big hug and lots of kisses, Lots of kisses, lots of kisses.

A great big hug and lots of kisses, Ready? Here I come!

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Hugs and kisses Hugs and kisses, I love you. Hugs and kisses, Hugs and kisses for you. Hugs and kisses one last time. Valentine Sung to: Did you ever see a Lassie Will you please be my valentine, My valentine, my valentine? Will you please be my valentine? For I love you. Yes, yes, watch me close, Watch me while I .

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Five little valentines, all ready to say. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Spread the love.

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Im looking for a valentine

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