Friends for the friendless

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Marley has been "Homeless" for at least a year and 8 months. Her owners left her behind and she was put in an outdoor kennel for a year. Her human interaction was being fed daily. We took her in Jan. The poor girl was heartworm positive. This takes months to treat and gave her a slow start to being put up for adoption.

Friends of the Friendless - Congrats (The Crew 2 OST)

Once she was ready she had a bunch of people interested, but here she is, eight months with FOF and still looking for her forever home. Her foster home loves her and would keep her BUT filling that spot with another permanent dog stops them from fostering. Having good and reliable fosters is a rare thing Marley is nearing 4 years old and 55 pounds. She is fixed and up to date on vet care. She loves people and kids, however, she will grab kids' ankles when playing because she has Australian shepherd in her, which is a herding breed.

She loves other dogs and loves playing. She is fine with puppies but we are not sure about toy breeds. She seemed overly interested in a couple in public, but that has been her only interaction with toy breeds.

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She is fine with cats. She is submissive with other dogs but once they are friends she will play, run, wrestle. She loves doing zoomies. She loves cuddles. She wants to be with her people and would prefer an owner that is home more than they are not.

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She will cry and has nervous drools if her people are home but she can't see them. She is not a dog you can put outside alone or in the garage away from you. She is house and crate trained and has good house manners.

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Dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens. We have them all. Check out their bios below. You can schedule a meet and greet or attend one of our upcoming events. Our shelter is based solely on donations. Help us save our local animals in need. Adoption Application pdf. Foster Application pdf. Powered by GoDaddy Website Builder. Home About Us How you can help More. Home About Us How you can help. Learn about our passionate team, and how you can help! Get Involved. Meet Marley Marley has been "Homeless" for at least a year and 8 months.

Get more info on our rescues Dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens. Pet Finder. Help Our Cause Our shelter is based solely on donations. Donate Now. Want to foster or Adopt?

The World/Inferno Friendship Society - Friend to the Friendless

Adoption Application pdf Download. Foster Application pdf Download.

Friends for the friendless

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