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Get in Touch With Us. These range from harmlessly incorrect to dangerously hurtful and can affect not just the plus-size people in their lives, but perceptions of fat people worldwide. While fat people may find some sexual positions uncomfortable, this is not universal.

Just because one fat person lacks the flexibility or anatomy for one position does not mean every fat person will encounter that same issue. I mean, have you seen some of the plus-size yogis on Instagram? The fact is people of all different shapes and sizes can struggle in certain positions.

When a partner is unable to do certain sexual positions, it has more to do with that individual than with their size. If an inability to perform a specific act or sexual position is a deal-breaker, then you should be having that conversation with any potential partnernot just the fat ones. Body insecurity is not exclusive to fat people. Many people all along the body-size spectrum struggle with how they look.

Again, these are fairly common boundaries that partners of any size can have. Shocker: It is possible for a thin person to be interested in a fat person without a fetish driving their interest. Assuming a thin person could never love a fat person without a fetish shows a dangerous lack of respect for both parties. Fat people are as capable of engaging in romance as any other person. Implying that loving a fat person is equivalent to a fetish flattens the complexity of a romantic relationship into an easily digested stereotype.

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Still, fat fetishists do exist and present a real challenge for fat people looking for love. These people are to be avoided. While some relationships between people of different sizes may be centered around a fetish, just as many, if not more, are not. While everyone is entitled to their individual tastes and preferences, this blanket statement is plainly untrue. Fat people can be sexy, beautiful, awe-inspiring, flamboyant, intimidating and any other of adjectives.

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Body-type preference is a fairly elastic trait. Beauty is and always has been a fluid concept, unique to each time, place and individual. While everyone is entitled to their taste, claiming that fatness has never been and will never be sexy is simply untrue. Remember this: Fatness is not a monolith. Fat people are all different, just like any other people. Men's Fertility Understanding Men's Fertility. Sex Sex Masturbation Orgasms Exploration. Fat People Have Sex, Too. Written by Savannah Wingo.

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Myth 3: Thin people who hook up with fat people must have a fetish. Popular this week.

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