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Or at least her real-life alter ego, Candace Bushnell, whose loosely autobiographical newspaper columns and book about the dating adventures of single women in their 30s became the basis of the hit HBO show Sex in the City. This time, Bushnell and her posse are hurtling toward their 60s, dealing with a range of middle-aged problems including broken marriages, second careers and vaginal dryness.

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Only this time the gang is bigger than Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte. There are at least six gal pals, plus friends and acquaintances, making their stories a little harder to keep track of in Is There Still Sex in the City?

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But their trials and tribulations and outrageous escapades — on Tinder, with men 20 or 30 years younger, in the high-priced salons of Madison Avenue — are narrated in the smart, sassy voice that legions of fans came to love during the six-year run of the show in the late s and early s. Is There Still Sex in the City? The book is dedicated to him, which suggests that everything worked out happily ever after, as it did for Carrie when she ended up with Mr. But it would be a mistake to dismiss this book as romantic fluff.

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From Cosmos to rose, her current beverage of choice, Bushnell may drink pink. But she knows how to write dark.

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