Chit chat to pass the time

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But in a city of 90k, you could be out front washing your vehicle, a cop would walk up, you'd chit chat and joke with him for a few minutes and he'd start on his way again. I've heard a lot of chit chat about Rubin. Popular Brit slang for vapid, meaningless chatter or polite 'warm up' conversation before you get down and do the serious shit, be it a meeting, sex etc.

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Some friendly chit chat? It's a fun place to chit chat and a great place to go if you are feeling lonely or having urges and need support. If the Simpsons has taught me anything it's that this line is the fastest; single men, paying in cash, no chit - chat. However, they never seemed to be bothered, they'd talk to me and chit chat and use the restroom like it was no big deal. I'm a male that works a hotel front desk, where I'm paid to be helpful, make idle chit - chatand just be nice in general to guests people renting rooms.

You can even make light chit chat. I'll keep looping top pop songs and chit chat with the crowd, get a feel for what's happening. Do you think guys chit chat on the can? Social media unfortunately breaks down the normal barriers between harmless chit chat and in-your-face accusation. I'm sure there are people around here that love to chit chat all day long :- source: Reddit show context hide context. Make players feel like part of a small community, encourage general chit chat if you have the time for it.

Jokes, gossip and all sort of chit chat makes the hours pass :- source: Reddit show context hide context.

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Date offers, requests for pics, general first date type chit chatpics of their genitals, etc. I'll bold ever one that had some form of development beyond idle chit - chator, if it was chit - chatat least had some form of development. I don't want to chit chatI just want my question answered.

After a bit of chit chat is always something that can lead to asking about what shows they like watching. Are the rehearsal intense, almost professional affairs with a minimum of chit - chat or more like informal jams with breaks for beers and weed? Could've been seconds of chit chat. Hey if you're still down for some chit chat hit me up at Datirishthunda source: Reddit. It's because when they go to work, they work and there's very little office chit chat.

We now are able to have normal, everyday chit - chat type conversations and I was invited over for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. Just listen to the music and chit chat. At least I can now swap dog stories with other dog owners as a "social chit chat norm".

It says the idle chit chat is better. Why do people feel the need for chit chator small talk? Chit - Chat was a cat.

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Have a nice chit chat. It sure doesn't make for chit - chatbut you can work it into the conversation by resorting to irony. So, I did the classics of getting to know her, simple and inificant chit chat. The biggest obstacle is chit - chat kind of conversation. Why was he still at full mast after walking to the door, a couple minutes of chit chatI think he was hoping for stale eggs with a sag of milk source: Reddit. We had maybe people there so the noise from the music and chit chat didn't make it seem like too much of a commotion. I always think the best conversations come when you already do, but I tend not to like get to know you chit chat so much.

Dont stop to chit chat with anyone, as they most likely want to. A friendly, well english spoken Chinese person will come up to you, chit chat then suggest you both go for a drink, which you do. The Nikolas and Clavier thre end after some chit - chatand the Isabeth and Ambrose one devolves into fluffy not-smut after Isabeth asks Ambrose if she's a sadist or not.

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Considering the copious levels of idle chit chat I direct towards my cats, I don't think I will have the same problem when I have. There are far more bigger Problems in my Life, wasting my Time on friendly Chit Chat with People i dont like would be the last i want to do.

It's either unemployed single mothers, or people who aren't used to strangers making chit chat and want you to kind of go away. English sentences with chit chat in context, exact matches. Dictionary Chit Chat n. Follow on Twitter Facebook Popular searches.

Chit chat to pass the time

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