Chat with no expectations

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The message stared back at me from within the chat window, waiting for my reply.

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It was a common question, too. Part of the standard script between two near-strangers attempting to suss each other out through the confines of a dating app, relying on social media, mutual friends and short profile description to piece together an idea of their prospective conquest.

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Where dating was before straight forward, we now find ourselves drowning in choice, right swipes and assumptions about the intentions of prospective partners. And within that experience, we often operate on the defensive — constantly privy to our own position and investment as we try to tread water without losing the upper hand or showing too much vulnerability. So, we ask these questions — we develop a script to level the playing field and determine where we stand.

Sometimes, the best expectations to have are, quite simply, no expectations.

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The problem is, when you have your mindset and intentions honed in on a specific idea or outcome, you consciously or not develop a sense of tunnel vision. Do we all have certain things we look for when it comes to love, dating and sex? Of course, and as we should.

Rather, it begins with you. Ultimately, relationships should start with you, and your relationship with yourself. But finding someone to be with, starts with finding yourself. Know yourself, be unapologetic on that front, and only then can you confidently open yourself up to whatever life throws at yourself romantic or otherwise.

What do you want out of life? What do you value most in your life and career? What do you want and need out of a partner, and what can you offer them in return?

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Once you get comfortable with that internal dialogue, and take the time to lay that critical foundation, love can come to you much easier and, perhaps, even when you are least expecting it. Menu Open.

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Finding confidence through sports with Toronto-born Gold medalist, Sydney Payne. Search Terms Close search.

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Chat with no expectations

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