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First Dates can have you feeling all of the emotions. But then all the questions start coming. Where should we go? What should we do? What are we going to talk about? What if I embarrass myself?! First dates can actually be really fun, and they can be as casual or as adventurous as you feel comfortable. My favorite First Date Ideas are to do something exciting, different, and fun.

First dates are all about getting to know the person you are going out with, but also seeing how the two of you connect. And you can also tell a lot about a person depending on the date you choose. Depending on if you already know this person or not, can help determine what you should do on a first date.

The best first dates are going to be dates that you actually enjoy. These are going to be dates that you not only enjoy the person you are with, but the activity. But trying to find the Best First Date Ideas, we recommend something that is unique and memorable. Find the most exciting first date ideas on our list below and come up with a few options.

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Check them out and pick your favorites…. You can even use these for your second date ideas and third and fourth…you get the picture! A perfect first date is going to be different for everyone. Try to get some info out of them and see what they like to eat, favorite dessert, favorite band, game, etc. Paying attention to these details and incorporating them into your first date together will help make it a memorable first date. You might want to keep it more low key and casual rather than jump into something that might take a while. Stick to a public place, and have a good exit strategy if its not going well.

Casual fun this week good plans can have bumps in the road. You decide to take them out to play in the grass and they are allergic, or your date idea is outside and its going to be raining that day. Just have another idea of something else you can do in your back pocket and be ready for anything.

This is going to depend on how well you know the person. If you know them pretty well and are excited to spend all day together, find an active date that you can enjoy longer than a meal. Better yet, turn a couple of these first date ideas into one long date to enjoy the whole day with them. Try one of the low key first date ideas that will allow you a good exit strategy, keep you in public, and even allow for a longer date if you so desire. One of the most classic first date ideas is to go out for drinks together. Grabbing a drink together takes the pressure off of having to entertain each other for the entire night at dinner or a longer date night.

Start off with one drink, and see how you do. This date is also very popular because you are in a public setting which is a smart idea going on a date with someone you have never met before. Did you decide to meet up during the day? Try a smoothie date! Order your smoothies and sit outside to talk and get to know each other.

Or grab your smoothies and go take a walk together. This could even be a great add-on to an active first date you had and end it at the smoothie place where the two of you can talk and bond about your date activities. Another one of the great casual first date ideas would be to play the bar or restaurant games.

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Turn your drink date a little more active and go play corn hole outside. Lots of bars have pool, darts, and other fun random games that would be cool to give it a shot. This will even allow you to see a bit of a different side to that person with their competitiveness.

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Start off your date at a coffee house. Find a good place that has all the options from coffees and tea to juices and hot chocolates, so that your date can find something they like. Bonus points if you already know what they like to drink, because you can cater the date to that. I actually hate coffee so this would have been a terrible date for me. Figure out what they like and plan the date around that. Need a little more time but not sure if dinner is your answer? How about a lunch date? Lunch dates are a bit more casual, because you can go to lunch with a friend.

It kind of gives you that buffer of trying to figure out if this is going to be a just friends thing, or something that may turn into more of a dinner date. One of my first dates was a lunch date and we had tons of fun. He ended up asking me to dinner the very same night! Lunch dates give you that option. You can extend a lunch date to go do something else after, or say your goodbyes. Head to a local museum and walk around all the exhibits. This give you lots of time to talk with each other, but also helps you find things to talk about as well, as you continue to navigate what to say to each other.

This gives you a common bond of both having been to the museum, and will allow them to remember a more unique date than just sitting at a coffee shop. Brunch is another low key first date idea where you have the option to extend the date or not.

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Remembering the other person may have plans after the date as well. Brunch is a fun little spin on your typically dinner date, where you can meet earlier in the day and enjoy a relaxing meal.

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Another casual and super cheap date would be to stroll a bookstore. This helps give you lo of topic to talk about. In each section, you can find different books to show to each other or chat about. Or purchase your favorite book or magazine and sit down to go through together. One of the most causal first dates you can do is to bring the other person with you on your errands. You could go grocery shopping together, head to the laundromat to do your laundry, or take your cars out for a car wash.

This lets you be totally yourself and takes off some pressure of sitting together face to face for a long meal. These ideas can all be adapted to what they like in place of these specific ideas. Walking along the beach can give you lots to do while on a first date.

Look for seashells and shark teeth in the sand. Try to find dolphins out in the waves or watch the surfers. Doing some of these things along with walking makes it more of an activity where you can be ok with the longer lulls in conversation.

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Mini Golf is such a cute first date idea! Mini Golf gives you permission to let loose and be silly. It gives you a easy time to talk as you head to each hole, and you can even show off some of your skills…or lack thereof. Most mini golf places have other games and food available, so if the date is going well, you can extend it to a longer date and check out the rest of the place. Wine Tasting can be done at a winery or at a store.

There are usually fairly cheap tasting places you can go to. Sometimes its nice to have a little conversation started and the Casual fun this week conversations can just go from there, and wine tasting is a perfect example of a date that does this. You can pack up the foods yourself, or go shopping together to pick everything out. It could be as easy pre-made sandwiches from the grocery store or hello, Subway! Bring a blanket and maybe even a speaker and relax at the park with some good conversation. Bonus points if you bring a football or frisbee to toss around together. Sure grabbing a coffee or drink is a fair idea for a first date, but take it up one notch and take that drink to-go.

Head outside and take a walk together. If you know they love dancing or are into country, how about trying out square dancing? Taking them out for square dancing is sure to be more memorable than just sitting down to dinner. If you want to reel them in with your soft side, try volunteering together. You can make and serve food at your local homeless shelter, or go visit the animals at the animal shelter. Invite them to beach clean up day with you and have some good conversation while walking along helping out. Being outdoors with the sunshine, the smell of the flowers, and your new company is sure to be a cute date.

Skip the meal and do a pie date! Find a cute local diner and go in to order some pie, or a few different slices and do taste testings together. Even better, have it with ice cream on top. Take them to go visit the animals at the animal shelter. Especially if they are a huge animal lover, they will think this is just the cutest date idea ever. More than likely, you know at least a little bit about the person you are going on a date with. Try to listen to their favorite things and plan the date based on what you know about them.

The best first date is one that is unique and memorable to them and doing something they love is going to put it right at the top of their favorite dates. If you know you both love a certain band or performer Casual fun this week even type of music, this would be an awesome first date idea.

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A concert gives you the casual vibe of being in a public place and not having to talk the entire time because you are listening to the band. Our all time favorite date idea anytime is an escape room. You can buy cheap tickets on Groupon too. If I ever had to do it over, this would be my first date idea pick. You know what?! Throw this list away and just go do an Escape Room! A baseball game could actually be the best sport to take a first date to.

Head to your farm league games, a college game, or your closest field. Pick your favorite team, or opposing teams and place a cute little bet on it for who buys drinks after the game. A really fun and adrenaline pumping first date idea is a date playing laser tag.

Buy a few rounds and team up to win each round together. In between rounds, grab a coke and chill at a table and get to know each other. Playing in rounds like this can also help alleviate the stress of filling in the silences. Have you seen those special events that has everyone painting the exact same painting? You bring some wine and a date and head to class where they will show you how to create the painting for the night. Talk about ultimate first date! This would be a very unique first date idea.

Afterwards, head out to get dessert or a drink so you have a bit more time to talk and get to know each other…other than their axe throwing abilities. Is your city throwing a special event soon?

Casual fun this week

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