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I was the first patron into the club atand was greeted by a nice and beautiful bartender. Nothing was happening at that point, but she did tell me that a few dancers were in the building, and would be out soon. I got a drink non-alcoholicand sat for a bit. Chat with the bartender continued. First dancer came out within 10 minutes.

She and I didn't "click" right off, and I guessing that quite a lot of that was simply because she was just performing on the stage a ways from me. I didn't choose to stay long, and maybe missed out on a different dancer who might have enticed me to hang out longer. It was too early on that particular weeknight. But, so that you know about the club. The front area is spacious and has a pool table.

I wonder if clients and dancers maybe hang out there sometimes, between their shows?

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Seats are available up close to the raised stage, although the bar seats and tables would have good views too. I didn't stay long enough to sample lapdances, privates, or options for "bonus" adventures, so I can't tell you what might be on the menu, and whether anything might be worth it. This much I know: although the quieter nights at a club can sometimes open up "personalized" benefits, but if I return to J's club, it will be later at night, on a weekend. Juliet's Gentleman's Club is a small strip club located in the heart of Erie, Pennsylvania.

You pay your very reasonable five dollar cover charge to a guy just inside the entrance, then go through a larger lobby-like room. The good thing about this set up is that it allows you to have a little piece and quiet if you need it, say to talk to a friend or just a phone, without having to go outside.

Through the far end of this lobby there is the bathroom. Through another door is the main room. The place is set up more like a bar or social club than anything else. There is even a pool table if you want to play. Inside the Adult club erie pennsylvania room there is a very small stage and some mirrored walls. On the other side of the room there is a small bar. There is some regular table and chair seating in this room, as well as the standard chairs around the stage. The stage is a little strange in that it has a sort of wall around it. Like the entrance fee, drinks are very reasonably priced at around 3 bucks a piece.

The level of service for drinks here is very lax. No ATM, bring cash. None of the girls are 10s, but none are hideous either. I stopped in this past Tuesday I have not been there for a while. They have done some remodeling since I was there last. Well enough of that. I took a seat at the bar grabed some lunch from the lunch bar at no charge. Started to eat and had a cute petite girl come up and started to talk to me. She said that it was her first day there and did not know many people there. The next thing out of her mouth was do I want a dance, my response was maybe when I'm done eating.


Another guy sat down on the other side of her she started talking to him so I figured that she had moved on to him. So after finishing lunch I notice this beautiful black girl on the other end of the bar making her way towards me. The next thing I knew she sat down at a empty stool beside me.

She told me her name but I'm not good with names. We talked for quite a while she was very nice and never asked if I wanted a dance, I like that. So I asked if she wanted to do a dance she said sure.

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At this point she grabed my hand and led me back to the VIP area and to a room. A song had already started but she got undressed and started a little rub while rubbing she said once the next song starts we can get more personal. When the next song started she closed the curtain and yes things became alot more personable.

As the song continued the further she went unbuttoned my shirt and played with my nipples.

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The song was over before I knew it so we did another song move down to my dick and started to beet me off ver Looked up strip clubs for Erie PA while traveling on vacation, saw that Juliet's was close and had a pretty good rating. It was only about or and they aren't right in the middle of town.

The only idication that it was a strip club was the with a girl on a pole. Cover was only five for myself and and five for my spouse. Upon walking into the club my spouse was excited to see a pool table. Most times we end up going to bars, there's a fight to get to the darn thing or you have to play against a horde of bar rats. The stage isn't big, but for the majority time that we were there, more than one stripper was on the stage. The girls were playful with us and each other.

They will dance up against you at the opening of the stage, grinding quite nicely. I live in upstate New York and when you go to clubs there, the girls immediately try to get you to do a private dance. My spouse wasn't asked if he wanted a private dance until about an hour and thirty minutes in.

This club has a "private" room. There is a "waiting room" with a bead cover to it, then the actual room with a comfortable couch. Another girl was waiting around to talk to Jade, the girl who gave my spouse his lap dance, but she was told by the door man to wait elsewhere. The bartender was nice and the drinks were resonably priced, she was very atten I was in Erie for a visit a few weeks ago and while I would normally go down the road to Partnerz, I decided to give Juliets a try. There were about 6 to 8 girls there, about half black and half white. I'd say the range of talent was 4 to 8 with most in the 6 or 7 quality range.

One goon at the door taking the cover. Anyway, I sat up from the stage as there wasn't a lot of clientel in the place and I didn't feel like getting harrassed in pervert's row. Most of the girls did a lax dance on stage and Erie is the only place I've ever seen with such low stages.

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Basicly it's the floor with a wall surrounding so that from more than 10 feet back, you can't really see anything unless they work the pole, which only 1 girl did. I'm not sure if that is law or local custom, but I likes me a raised stage so I can get a good view from wherever. I had a few girls come over and talk and one dragged me to the dance area for a moderate dance. I was chatting up a second girl I would have danced with, but she got called to the stage and I boogied out.

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I did notice that they had a pool table and a couple of girls were playing pool with some of th Got there just after There were 3 dancers - two girls were pretty new and one petite brunette that had been there a while. The new dancers were not so great. One got tired of dancing and the other jusy wanted to shake her butt in my face and that got old fast. The petite brunette though was something else! Watching her dance was just mesmerizing. I couldnt stop watching her curve and dance. She came up to the stage table and sprawled right in my face. She could also carry on a great conversation which was awesome.

I enjoyed talking to her just as much as watching her dance on stage. I paid her more for talking to me than stage dancing. I got a lap dance from her that was up close and personal and she was just bubbly happy throughout. Well worth the cost. I was not planning to come back the next night but I moved some things around and made it happen. And yeah i tipped a lot of cash her way and have no regrets. I'm now scheming pretty hard trying to figure out how I can sneak a flight back someday.

I was in town for a work thing and thats over for now. Someday I'll go back and hopefullly she'll be there still. Toggle lustnames. now. Strip clubs U. Pennsylvania Erie Juliet's Gentlemens Club. Juliet's Gentlemens Club 6 reviews Add review.

Club type: Topless Dancers. Dancers Etnicity : Mixed. Comments and reviews Atmosphere:.

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Someday I'll go back and hopefullly she'll be there still. Related Clubs. Password Remember Me. Password Register.

Adult club erie pennsylvania

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