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FORTRESS partners are involved in the following upcoming events:

Knowledge Sharing Workshop in Tiel

As part of the FORTRESS research project, on 20 September 2016, the FORTRESS Consortium will hold a knowledge-sharing workshop in Tiel, the Netherlands. The workshop will provide a platform for the exchange of research outcomes between related European projects. In this respect the focus will be on 1) empirical findings for reducing cascading effects in crises and enhancing resilience, and 2) tools for supporting decision making before and during crises. The workshop will provide an opportunity to discuss the latest empirical findings in the field of crisis management, resilience and the curbing of cascading effects during crises. The knowledge-sharing workshop is being held back to back with the Domino workshop, organised by IFV, which will provide a further opportunity for project representatives to engage with first responders.


Timings Session
13.30-14.00 Registration
14.00-14.30 Welcome and short introductions to the projects

PANEL I: Reducing vulnerability and enhancing resilience

against cascading effects: Empirical findings and policy recommendations

·         Exchange between projects on experiences of approaches to enhancing resilience

·         Sharing of Lessons learned and policy recommendations – ways forward

16.00-16.30  Coffee Break

PANEL II: Tools to support analysis of cascading effects

and decision-making before and during crisis

·         Examples of decision-making tools among different European projects

·         How have decision-making tools enhanced the analysis of crises?

·         What gaps exist in the development of more efficient tools?

·         Ways forward: the benefits of such  tools in the analysis of cascading effects

18.15-18.30 Coffee Break
18.30-19.00 Final comments and closing remarks
20.00 Dinner

More events coming soon! For information on past events – please visit this page.

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