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On 20 September 2016, the FORTRESS consortium together with six other EU projects (INTACT, PREDICT, SECTOR, CIPRNET, CASCEFF and DRIVER) focused on mitigating cascading effects during crises, held a knowledge-sharing workshop in Tiel, the Netherlands (http://fortress-project.eu/workshops/). The workshop provided a platform for the exchange of research outcomes between related European projects.

The workshop discussions revealed that the separate research being conducted in the various projects present were identifying common denominators for the causes of cascading effects. These common denominators were reflected in a common declaration signed and ratified at the end of the workshop by all the projects present, which highlights the ongoing close cooperation between projects, researchers and first responders.

The Declaration:

Following the Domino conference in Zwijndrecht May 2015, the participating projects continued their collaboration, leading to the DominoII conference in 19th-21st September 2016. Presentation and discussion of results to date indicate continued interest and support for collaboration to continue to strengthen our mutual understanding of large-scale social and economic disruptions propagating from major crisis events – the “domino effect” also known as cascading effects. All participants recognize the value arising from our open cooperation and exchange in the preceding period.


1. We affirm our continued commitment to our shared goal of improving the mitigation of the effects from all threats to European public safety, including natural and manmade hazards leading to failure of critical infrastructure and their cascading effects.
2. We recognise the need for wider collaboration and understanding between public and private organisations and citizens supported by an appropriate and sustainable European consensus mechanism.
3. We affirm that measures to strengthen safety in Europe are dependent on the willingness to share (Qualified) information between these vital partners.
4. We recognise that sharing of vital information is complex and requires preparation and innovation in partnerships, procedures and tools.
5. In order to achieve the necessary innovations we recognise that practitioners, researchers, policy advisors and industry developers must openly collaborate to deliver acceptable and workable solutions applicable in European member states.
6. Our conferences have established an ongoing and constructive dialogue around key themes identified by the participating experts.
7. We recognise and support the need to continue this dialogue for greater benefit through usage of the building blocks provided by the participating partnerships.
8. We support wider European inclusion of active Member State partners from critical infrastructure, Government, emergency services, research and development.
9. We recognise the need to continue to connect the outputs of collaborative innovation projects to the wider European and national policy actions.
10. We, the stakeholders in DOMINO, continue our commitment to promote the uptake of European collaborative project results delivering building blocks, concepts and examples for improved European Civil Protection, Safety and Security.

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