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The overall objective of FORTRESS is to gain a better understanding of cascading and cross-border effects in crisis situations in different contexts of interconnected infrastructures. It aims to identify potentials and to realise innovative concepts, measures and strategies for an improved inter-sectorial crisis management. This process is supported by the envisioned FORTRESS Incident Evolution Tool (FIET), and is thus based on a full-scale common operational picture. The FIET is a tool for crisis managers that will be primarily used for inter-sectorial and inter-organisational communication to manage diverse types of cascading effects.

In relation to this overall objective, FORTRESS will:

  1. Reconstruct past events to understand vulnerabilities and resilience within organisations in selected historical case studies,
  2. Modell decision trees as they relate to cascading effects in those historical case studies,
  3. Carry out in-depth system and sensitivity analysis of selected infrastructures to gather information on dynamic performances of interdependent infrastructures, relevance and priorities,
  4. Analyse multi-sectorial crisis management in practice via scenario based exercises within four scenario case studies to identify communication lacks and barriers, and
  5. Evaluate the benefit of the FIET to mitigate cascading effects in different dynamic crisis settings by additional exercises, respectively field tests.




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