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On the 8th of January 2016, SITI conducted a simulation exercise as part of FORTRESS’ Work Package 5 in Turin, Italy. The event was attended by first responders, police and various local organizations. The aim of the Simulation Exercise was to explore the communication demands of crisis managers in different sectors during inter-sectoral, cross-border crises as well as to explore the communication problems evolving in these situations. The outcome of the simulation exercise was aimed at defining further requirements for the FIET tool, which involves a “common” operational picture to share information about incidents and criticalities between different organisations. Following a brief introduction to the project, an in-depth presentation of the Italian-French scenario was carried out together with details of the crucial phases:

  • the dam collapse warning (before the crack);
  • the dam collapse and the water flowing;
  • the flooding already spread, and local responders dealing with containing impacts

For each phase, analysis of the communication flows between different sectors were carried out, and attendees at the simulation exercise were asked to provide their input and perspective. The Figure below illustrates the simulation exercise and the ‘Logical Scheme’ for the exercise:


The event was carried out as a part of Work Package 5.

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