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Trilateral Research & Consulting, represented by Kim Hagen, attended the SECED conference in Cambridge, UK (9-10 July 2015). It was the first major conference SECED organised in the UK since it hosted the 2002 European Conference on Earthquake Engineering in London. This time a session titled ‘Community dimensions of vulnerability and impact’ was part of the conference, welcoming papers on the more social science side of earthquakes and their impacts. In this session, on day 1 of the conference, TRI presented on ‘Cascading effects and community recovery’. Although the number of people attending the session was not on the high side, the audience was engaged and the session characterised by lively and open discussions.

The conference was attended by many actors operating in the area of seismic design for nuclear facilities, and offered interesting insights into issues FORTRESS is working on. The need for accessible communication methods and clear information sharing between various actors and disciplines involved in managing disasters was emphasised by the nature of the audience of the conference.

The paper and presentation TRI delivered can be found on this website’s Past Events page.

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