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Partners of the FORTRESS consortium attended the ISCRAM conference in Kristiansand, Norway (25-27 May 2015). Trilateral Research & Consulting, represented by Kush Wadhwa, Hayley Watson and Kim Hagen, VICESSE, represented by Meropi Tzanetakis, and GMV, represented by Jose Luis Benito were all present. On the first day, TRI and VICESSE presented on triggers of cascading effects, building on the work carried out predominately in Work Package 3 of the project. On Wednesday, TRI presented on General Morphological analysis as one of the methods used in FORTRESS. Additionally, GMV faced the struggle of presenting what we’re doing in FORTRESS in a 7 minutes slot during the project symposium. The symposium was a great way of getting a quick idea of what other projects in crisis and disaster management are working on, and was attended by many projects present at the Domino workshop in the Netherlands the previous week.

The conference was a great opportunity to network and gain more insight into the use of ICT in crisis and disaster management.  The diverse audience, including academics from social and computer sciences, as well as a range of response organisations, illustrated the importance of integrated and open communication approaches between people from different backgrounds.

The FORTRESS papers and presentations can be found on the Past Events page.

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